Chairman Message

The quality of teaching and learning is outstanding overall. our progress is enhanced through teachers’ very good subject knowledge, excellent behavior management , clear modelling and explanations, high expectations and frequent reinforcement of basic skills.

Students need to realize that the purpose of education is to empower themselves to live a fruitful life. Students on their part should be solution oriented and must spend their time and energies, straitening and planning the answers to challenges that they must face and by creating a system to make certain that the problem does not occur again. Students stay in the school should be an investment of their time to those activities which are congruent to and in harmony with their goals and vision.

Children these days are exposed to numerous allurements by way of advertisements both visual as well as in print media and through verbal communication. Students must learn to overcome hurdles and hone their learning skills. They must inculcate in themselves moral values so that they can lead value-based life and can become an asset for the society. For that, teachers have to develop in them strong characteristics which can withstand the present day on-rush of consumerism and temptations of unlimited choices offered to them. Strong foundation of their character is essential.

It is wise and mandatory for students to assess their potential, aptitude, skills and talents. This in turn will help them to analyze processes and procedures of action in the light of their goals to be accomplished. The greatest gift that can be given to a child is teaching him/her value of hard work and to develop confidence in his/her ability to take care of himself/ herself.

Sh. Hardial Singh

(M.A. English,B.ed)